Ellen's Stockings

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Ellen's Stockings were knit on 0000s with Koigu over a period of about 1 year and a 1/2. Enough time for the moths to discover the yummy wool. Fortunately, the flecks and color changes make the mending of holes like that almost disappear. They ended up a little snug for my foot. Maybe they will stretch over time, or maybe I could stand parting with them. Nah, I don't think so ;-).

Click on photo to see full-size image


Closer up


Lacy Wrap Cardigan

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This was so much fun to knit! Not sure if the belt that comes with it is necessary. A simple brooch or none at all is probably sufficient. What do you think?


From the Berroco pattern "Licious".





Seasonal Socks

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These were knit during the Springtime for a friend - the second time I have used knitpicks Moc Croc pattern - complementary to variegated yarn I think. Presented here in Schaeffer's "Anne".

moc croc.JPG

These are STR "Lenore" socks leftover from the '07 membership I believe. Functional, dark, and wintery!


Lacy Matinee Set

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Baby Girl Bailey's first ensemble!


I love these buttons..


 Pregnancy Ticker

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Succulent Socks!

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Begun at the beginning of April, finished toward the end of September... it didn't really take six months to knit these socks from the "Meida's Socks" Estonian pattern, but the repetition of the lovely cable pattern became a little weary, and they sat awaiting the hands of their creator. Of course now, as with all completed projects, that is forgotten and all that remains is the beauty and.. oh my, don't they remind you of your favorite celadon succulent?





Minty Raglan Cardigan

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Finally finished the mohair/wool raglan cardigan modified with an eyelet raglan edge and decreasing at the cuffs. Notice the shell buttons which reflect gorgeous colors


Very warm and comfortable


This wonderful yarn was scored at a local garage sale last summer


while out shopping with my auntie Ruth who spotted the sign.

I have a lot of it, it is up in the air what to do with the remaining two skeins.. scarf, hat, socks.. what do you think?


Based off of this pattern: http://danceswithwool.wordpress.com/2008/10/04/my-favorite-top-down-raglan-cardigan-pattern/

Vintage Knitwear!

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Over the years, I've been collecting little vintage knitting leaflets - note the cute anklet socks in this picture


C'est bon!

see socks for a vintage husband below


It's fun to look at these even if one would never make some of them:


...here is a perfect example - yep, they're "gaitors" in case you didn't know.. some styles will not be missed.


The economy of knitting...

and the designs...

I like these cabled stockings...

and the socks over the stockings...



Nice eyelet raglan shaping, but the neckline is a little high:

I thought this (blouson on the left - in progress) would be the perfect way to use up the rest of my sport-weight jojoland wool, and while I'm at it, revisit the wearability of the traveler's stockings.

My favorite model from the IK magazine & the Lace Blouson:


Not being "washable" wool, this is my only knitted footwear that has shrunk from washing in a classic wool way...so must be left to dry on sock blockers in order to fit properly; even then the heel slips down under the foot. The socks have worn well, but the design of the traveling stitches has fuzzed up somewhat or "felted' slightly as you can see:


Note the crisp traveling stitches prior to wearing and washing: View image
That being said, I might choose a different wool to make this type of stocking in the future that will felt less and not shrink, and perhaps use this wool for non-sock type items that experience less wear and therefore less washing. But I love the colors and texture for socks, so these do get worn a lot!

Laila's Socks

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Estonian socks.JPG

I've been wanting to knit these for a few years. This one's going fast... considering reversing colors for the second sockie. What do you think?



Narrow Arrow Socks

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These babies took quite a while to finish. I think it's because of the unrelenting 8 row repeat which is patterned every row and requires lots of focus.
Beginning innocently enough with the toe...


and progressing into an interesting heel construction...


ending with a lovely bobble and picot edge:


It was worth the effort!

Socks for Asher!

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My sweet little nephew Asher has tiny little feet that get chilly!


And despite all the wiggling and twisting, these seem to stay on ok!


Based on a Victorian pattern, this is "Baby's First Sock" by Ann Bud
It was tough to get him to sit still for this pic!


100% Merino Wool Sock Yarn for Sale!

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Hidcote Garden Shawl Part II

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The last few rows took quite some time... but finally, she's done!


Blocking was a little stressful - still haven't invested in blocking wires...it's difficult with pins when it's something this big (about 90" across the top).


Hidcote Garden Shawl

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These colors remind me of garden flowers.


The garden is growing...


and growing...


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