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Laila's Socks

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Estonian socks.JPG

I've been wanting to knit these for a few years. This one's going fast... considering reversing colors for the second sockie. What do you think?



Narrow Arrow Socks

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These babies took quite a while to finish. I think it's because of the unrelenting 8 row repeat which is patterned every row and requires lots of focus.
Beginning innocently enough with the toe...


and progressing into an interesting heel construction...


ending with a lovely bobble and picot edge:


It was worth the effort!

Socks for Asher!

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My sweet little nephew Asher has tiny little feet that get chilly!


And despite all the wiggling and twisting, these seem to stay on ok!


Based on a Victorian pattern, this is "Baby's First Sock" by Ann Bud
It was tough to get him to sit still for this pic!


100% Merino Wool Sock Yarn for Sale!

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