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Hidcote Garden Shawl Part II

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The last few rows took quite some time... but finally, she's done!


Blocking was a little stressful - still haven't invested in blocking's difficult with pins when it's something this big (about 90" across the top).


Hidcote Garden Shawl

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These colors remind me of garden flowers.


The garden is growing...


and growing...


Icarus Shawl

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I had the Summer '06 IK magazine sitting around for awhile, then suddenly felt totally compelled to make the Icarus Shawl. From beginning (November '07) to end (December '07), the heathered lace weight wool and stockinette was a joy to feel moving through my hands. The typical construction begins very simply as shown here, View image, to the feathers at the end which come to life after blocking...



Although I wore this during winter, it is very lightweight, so without layers, a summer night is probably ideal!


Swallowtail Shawl

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Incorporating the classic Lily of the Valley motif:



Knit with 100% hand-dyed silk on size 2 circulars - Size 4 just seemed to big for the lace-weight silk, being that it doesn't have the kind of loft or fluffiness of wool.


Consequently, the piece is smaller than the specifications - 21" from top to bottom, and 43.5" across the top. More of a shoulder shawl, or scarf, and went fairly quickly - maybe about a week. I had impulsively purchased a single irresistable skein of silk (Redfish Dyeworks) after having read the book "Silk" by Alessandro Baricco. Interesting what the lace does with the colors!

Lily of the Valley Shawl

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Undyed blue-face leicester spun and plied to about a sport weight and knit on very large needles (15 I think). Pattern from Spin-off 2004 - finished around that time - worn on many occasions but the photo is recent! Soft, warm, functional and elegant.




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After about 2 1/2 years (and about 1 year not working on it) the Peacock Shawl is complete! I had spun silver alpaca (baby I think, but it's been awhile) sport weight, and there seemed to be more than enough, but.. I did run out, got more fiber, spun it, and continued on. Fortunately I didn't run out again, as the place I originally purchased it, and where I learned spinning, no longer operates as a retail establishment :-( . Heavenly soft fiber, and a dream to spin. After blocking, the true size revealed itself: 115" across the top x 55.5" down the center.



Lot's of pins (and patience) needed here!



Just barely fitting in the picture...


My mom inspired the choice of fiber and also chose the pattern - great choice!


Pattern available here:

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