"Titania" Part I


My third STR socks! Here is the left one - with "brambling lace meandering down into enraptured cable."


Very comfortable, stretchy lace, nice cable traveling across the instep. Overall, interesting and challenging to knit, however, the pattern could have been written to eliminate guesswork in the decreasing of the lace, and the resulting necessary focus on maintaining stitch count.



Now onto the right sock.. to be continued as a pair (Titania, Part II).


Great job! And the best pix I've seen of the socks so far.

Those are beautiful! You have inspired me to start mine! :) I also saw your socks made from hand-spun. They are gorgous. Do you have an Elizabeth wheel?

Hi, I totally agree with the need for a more explicit instruction on the decreasing of the lace. I just ripped back to the heel flag (which killed me to do) because my foot was increasing instead of decreasing. Hopefully I'll get it right this time. I do love the pattern and colorway, tho, and can't wait to wear these!

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